Seminars for Photography and Cinema

For the year 2015, three seminars will be held, two about photography and one about cinema, by John Stratoudakis.

The structure of the seminars is as following:

Photography I - Sections

  1. History of Photography - The Pioneers
  2. Technical and Aesthetic Issues
  3. Introduction to Form - Exploring Symmetry and Balance
  4. Visual Perception - From Image to Context
  5. Introduction to Color
  6. Time and the power of the moment
  7. Review I
  8. Introduction to European and American Photography
  9. Dimitris Letsios and Greek Photography
  10. Documentary and Humanistic Photography
  11. Creating portfolios
  12. Social and domestic approach
  13. Cinematography and Direction
  14. Introduction to Optical Semiotics
  15. Contemporary Photography and the Post-doc Convention
  16. Review II

Photography II - Sections

  1. Personal Photography - From Vivian Meyer to Miroslav Tichy
  2. The Portrait - The gaze and dimensional reflection
  3. Thin Slicing - From observation to judgment
  4. Review I
  5. Narrative and non-narrative forms
  6. Scandinavian Photography - Following Anders Petersen
  7. Japanese Photography - Introduction to the world of obsessions
  8. Review II
  9. Russian avant-garde - From Rodchenko to Mikhailov
  10. Camera never lies
  11. The Czech School - Approaching nude following Jan Saudek
  12. Review III
  13. Form and thought forming
  14. The dialectics of image
  15. Formalism vs. Realism - Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
  16. Review IV


Introduction to the Language and Aesthetics of Cinema - Sections

1. What is Cinema
2. From Miss en scene to directing of photography
3. Terms of narrative complexity
4. The Film Semiotics - From Popcorn to Trailer
5. Introduction to Analysis - Context and the fifth dimension
6. Editing
7. Introduction to Documentary
8. Introduction to Fiction
9. Introduction to Color
10. The silent cinema, Frank Borzage vs. Josef von Sternberg
11. From silence to sound
12. Hollywood and American independent cinema
13. Stanley Kubrick and Sci Fi - History and aesthetics of visual effects
14. Memory and identity in contemporary Chinese cinema
15. Spain Cinema
16. Alfred Hitchcock and the Cinema of Horror
17. Introduction to German Expressionism
18. Japanese Cinema
19. Introduction to Italian Neorealism
20. Introduction to Scandinavian Film and Television
21. Monsieur Hulot and French cinema
22. From Russian avant-garde to Andrei Tarkovsky
23. Greek cinema
24. Introduction to Animation
25. Extra credit: A short film world

Pushing color to the limits - Blue

A four-day photography workshop about Color, held by photographer and professor of Photography John Stratoudakis.
The Workshop includes, besides the theoretical part, everyday tasks and reviews.

Photostories: From concept to structure

A four-day photography workshop, held by photographer and professor of Photography John Stratoudakis. The Workshop focuses on understanding the narrative power of photography, through the analysis of the structure on Photostories.