Konstantinos Gdontakis - Bio

"Through the process of photography, I am able to see deeper into myself and discover new aspects of my own existence. I am looking for temporary isolation from modern society as a kind of meditation, aiming to discover and accept my own self, which in my opinion is – probably unrealistically – the most extreme form of freedom. Therefore, my projects include autobiographical references and they focus on the presentation of people or groups experiencing the same need of isolation and communication with themselves and the nature."

Konstantinos Gdontakis was born in 1988 in Chania-Crete, Greece. He interested in photography from 2012. He has participated in several workhops with Costis Antoniadis, Oliver Chanarin, Lukas Vasilikos, Michael Ackerman, John Stratoudakis, Eva Voutsaki, Alexis Vasilikos and George Salameh. From 2017 he is attending at ESP school of photography. He is a member of Le.F.Ki and OramaPhotos group.