Mount Pelion is a short animation film which I created under a coincidental situation. In 2012 John accepted an assignment by a tourism website from Greece, to photograph places and localities of mount Pelion, central Greece. After 4 months of work, he managed to complete a body of work but the website's review was a disaster. Almost all of the photos was considered as non-functional because of their "dark" mood and had not been accepted. Two years later, in spring of 2014, he started to work the core idea for his first short film called Interlude. The idea was the visualization of an aesthetic approach in time, in between stillness and motion. The environment of mount Pelion was the perfect location for that. In the first place, John decided to manipulate some of the photos from his previous body of work. He wanted to create a sence of motion but also to keep the innate stillness of a photograph. After many hours of work he managed to transform almost 100 photographs into a kind of simple takes. Finally he decided to change his way of working and he abandoned all the photos for a second time, keeping only two for his film. In summer 2016, after the finishing of Andrei Tarkovsky's book "Sculpting in Time", John inspired once more to do something with these old photos or takes or what ever they are! So, he created this video, literarily in three steps (each step after two years), in which it's narrative is in fact a kind of personal statement.