In a world beyond the frenetic tempo of the metropolis, where technology has succumbed us by gluing our gaze on a retina display or smartphone, swapping franticly beyond human comprehension though social media, blog and news sites, we have become detached. The omission of not using our commodities on a regular basis (including doing 70mph on the interstate) and the idea of leaving our front door without our favorite gadget terrifies us; talking from experience. In the celebratory and socially diverse rhythm of the fair, technology becomes passive, diffused, and at times non-existent. Outside the gates of this festivious enclave, technology advances rapidly in order to improve our lives and our consumer habits. What I am witnessing this summer while working on my ongoing project about fairs in Pennsylvania is a trend and fashion of another dimension, of an innocent past, and a popular tool among the elderly nationaly and abroad. It's the fly swatter, it’s back.